Having been wandering for hours in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, you finally stumble upon Eientei.

Greetings, human. You must be from the village. If you are here to buy medicine, then I apologize as I'm not working right now. You'll have to wait until tomorrow when I go to the village.


Oh? So you are from the outside world? *giggles*
Then I guess you're lucky that my master isn't here right now.

Feel free to explore the mansion. The Lunar Festival isn't going on right now, so there isn't much to see. Just make sure to watch out for that pesky little white rabbit...

Reisen Udongein Inaba, a rabbit from the moon

You proceed into the foyer of the great manor...

And find yourself in a surreal environment.

Little bunnies are bunched up here and there, some are hopping around as if they are enjoying themselves. It's almost as if this place is larger on the inside than it is on the outside. The air smells clean and sterile, like a hospital. You can't help but feel uneasy as you stand there.

The bunnies start to take notice of you, staring as if to say "who are you?" and "why are you still here?"

Looking around, you see that the hallways stretch out in several directions. Deciding to heed the lunar rabbit's advice, you keep an eye out for a mischievous white rabbit...

In which direction do you wish to head?

Toward the library

The library of Eientei has many large tomes and books with foreign text on their spines.
Alongside the vast amounts of reference books and medical journals is a collection of various doujin works and manga.

Toward the kitchen

Such a large manor requires an equally large kitchen.
Lunarian cooking is said to be quite good. Despite their superiority complex, the moon people have been very keen to steal all sorts of Earth foods.
However, seeing as how the servants are all bunnies, you expect to find nothing but large amounts of carrots and lettuce.

Toward the princess's boudoir

Kaguya-sama, the exiled lunar princess, is a bit of a NEET. She spends too much time inside on the computer, always shitposting on imageboards and playing video games.
How did she even get internet in Gensokyo?

Toward the veranda

Located at the rear of Eientei is the veranda. Overlooking a beautiful garden, it provides a comfy and peaceful place to rest and sip tea.

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